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Valued Fashion PC Guitar Cases-7 Colors Available

Issuing time:2020-03-07 11:20

It is a valued fashion guitar case, much lighter than wooden case, strong and high quality. 7 colors are available -brown, white, blue, red, grey, green and black

Durable Material: Durable PC surface with similar fiberglass texture, giving a sense of classy touch;

Convenient to store: Internal thick padding with smooth fur lining designed for storing, carrying or transporting guitars while maintaining their soundings.

Elegant Locking Latch: Durable handle, high quality Chrome-plated hardware hinges. There are 5 metal hinges and 1 keys to lock the latch near the handle (at one shoulder). 6 metal latches are guaranteed for complete protection.

Different sizes for classical guitars and acoustic guitars

Shoulder straps Included in , it is easy to take away for the musicians.

PC-CL-BR (2).jpg

PC-CL-BR (3).jpg

PC-CL-BR (1).jpg

PC-CL-BR (5).jpg

PC-CL-BR (4).jpg

PC-CL-BL (1).jpg

PC-CL-BL (2).jpg

PC-CL-BL (3).jpg

PC-CL-BL (5).jpg

PC-CL-BL (4).jpg

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